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For over 20 years, Evergreen Fire and Safety Services has been offering commercial and residential clients a wide array of fire and safety products and services to help protect you, your customers and employees, place of business and other assets.

Unfortunate happenstance or a moment of inattention or carelessness can quickly become life threatening. Fire prevention is the most effective means of security for customers, employees and and personal assets.​

Evergreen Fire & Safety Services have been providing quality fire protection services for over 20 years. It is our standard, to ensure our customer’s entire place of business is free of deficiencies as per standard requirements pertaining to The Ontario Fire Code and NFPA. We ensure, on an annual and semi-annual basis, each piece of fire protection equipment and related fire protection systems, are fully functional and in compliance with their designed criteria.

Our trained and licensed staff is available on a 24 hour, on-call basis, to handle any emergency call you may have. You will find our services unmatched and at a rate that is amongst the most competitive in the industry.


Evergreen Fire and Safety Services has many valued clients conducting business in the retail industry. There are many potential safety issues to deal with on an on-going basis in the retail sector. With a few simple maintenance procedures to follow each month, these safety related practices can ensure a workplace that is free from hazards and is prepared in the case an emergency occurs.

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Evergreen Fire and Safety Services is your one stop source for all your commercial and residential safety product needs.
Our contacts with manufacturers across North America and Europe allow us to source a wide variety of solutions and products to meet the fire and safety needs of your business or home.


From portable wall mount fire extinguishers to fully integrated, sprinkler type, fire suppression systems, we can help. We supply and install a variety of fire extinguishers to suit every safety need. There are basically four different types or classes of fire extinguishers, each type is meant to extinguish specific types of fire.


Under the Ontario Fire Code, emergency lighting is required to ensure that adequate lighting levels are provided in exit stairways, public corridors and other access to exits to allow for safe evacuation of occupants during a fire emergency should a power failure occur.


Often Occupational Health and Safety legislation will dictate minimum safety practices. We can help you meet these obligations and help protect the safety of your employees and others on your premises. From personal protective equipment to first aid kits and eyewash stations, we cover all the safety needs unique to your business.


For over 20 years, Evergreen Fire and Safety Services has been offering commercial and residential clients a wide array of fire and safety products and services. If you have concerns your business, commercial property or residential home is not as safe as it could be, or not up to minimum legislated safety standards – Contact us today.
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